Casino Fun – CLOSED

1-River-Keepers-arrive-at-Petrie-final004_106-0668_IMG-sized1-finalimage0051-final Casino Fun Depart  from the NCC public dock, located in the Jacques Cartier park across the Alexandra Bridge in […]

Boat Party

Special Event

PashPartyPashParty1-finalpashboobbday-finalpashromant-finalPashParty6-finalPashParty8-finalPashParty8-final Special Event Bachelor(ette) Party Bring your friends over to an amazingly awesome private party on  the Ottawa river. There […]


Fishing_13251-finalFish_USA-finalFish_7fe754c8ea_o-finalFish_5668ebf181_o-finalFishing_13341-finalFishing_13351-final Fishing For late afternoon fishing, ask the Captain where are the best secret fishing spots between Parliament and the down river Islands. Anchor […]

Casino Fireworks

Commencing the first week in August for three weeks, The Sound of Light  Fireworks is, without a doubt, the most […]