Yacht Pashmina

$ 360.00 Half day

Yacht Pashmina rental for about 4 hours between 9:30am and 16:30pm. Does not include the mandatory charges for Captain, Crew and Fuel.

Yacht Early Bird

$ 275.00 Full day

Yacht Early Birds day rental up to 9 hours between 9:00am and 6:00pm for vacation or boat operating course. Fuel, Transport, launch and haul out is not included.


$ 240.00 half day

Must be prepaid on Pashmina. Renters pay for their own fuel usage on Early Birds.

Launch and haul out

$ 200.00

Early Birds mandatory launch, haul out and transport to Ottawa area ramps.

Transport to Ridea lakes

$ 500.00

Optional Early Birds transport, launch and haulout in the town of Rideau Ferry, Portland or Newboro on the Rideau lakes.

Transport to 1000 Islands

$ 800.00

Optional Early Birds transport, launch and haulout in Brockville, Gananoque or Kingston in the 1000 Islands


$ 140.00 half day

Captain is mandatory on Pashmina. Captain is not available on Early Birds except for a boat operating course.


$ 100.00 half day

Crew is mandatory on Pashmina. Crew is not available on Early Birds.

Service Charge

12% on total

Applies to all boats to cover our staff services for boat preparation, polishing and cleaning as well as the gratuity to Marina staff for assistance with docking, fueling and launch.

Boat Operating Course

$ 140.00 add on

Available full day weekdays with the Captain. This add on is over and above the day rental charge of Early Birds, the transport and the Captain fees. It covers fuel usage and course material

Ciabatta Meal Sandwiches


Ham, turkey or roast beef on white or whole grain bread. Swiss cheese, tomato and lettuce. Mayo or mustard. Choose by number from this Menu.when making the reservation.

Soda Pop

$ 7.50

Pack of 2 Pepsi, 2 7up and 2 Ginger Ale.


$ 7.50

Pack of 2 Apple, 2 Orange and 2 Lemonade.


$ 6.00

12 Pack 500ml bottles of natural spring water.


$ 4.50

5 lb bag of ice cubes.