Yacht rental terms

All Yachts are rented from their owners  as a bare-boat pleasure craft without fuel. Half day rental periods are 4 hours each between 9:30am and 16:00pm. A full day rental is between 9:30am to 17:30pm. An overnight rental is two days rent. Yachts are normally reserved with a week advance notice. If a cancellation will be required, then the reservation must be made at least 3 weeks in advance, otherwise a yacht can be reserved by phone confirmation and paid in full within 24hrs if acceptable to the owner or authorized representative.  Persons, by renting the boat, bind themselves to the terms and conditions stated herein as an integral part of their rental agreement. The Person renting the boat must have a pleasure craft operator card and confirm his acceptance of the boating safety awareness declaration . The card can be obtained online from BoaterExam.com or similar sites. On boats rented without a hired Captain, experience driving a similar boat, a demo of driving and docking capability as well as usage of a VHF Radio is required to certify the renter. The owner, or owner representative, at his sole discretion will refuse renting the boat to any person who’s boat handling experience he judges inadequate. In case of rent refusal, one day rent, transport, fuel and captain time  will be charged. Any remaining balance will be refunded to the renter or applied towards boat handling instruction if preferred. Further captain assisted boat handling instruction can be purchased as needed. Owners of yachts over 30 feet, listing their vessels on our website, mandate the hiring of a Captain and crew. Yachts under 30 feet require; A refundable damage security deposit, a daily public liability insurance waiver charge and  the signature of an inventory receipt for  all the movable items on the vessel.  All boats are subject to a 12% service fee. All prices are tax included. Renter is responsible to go through the vessel safety check list and ensure that all persons on board the yacht are aware of, and accept, the liability waiver condition specified below.  Children under 12 years old and Pets of any kind are not allowed.  Cooking odors and Smoking inside the cabin is prohibited and restricted in the cockpit.  Alcohol consumption is subject to the same rules as drinking and driving on land. Not observing alcohol consumption rules can subject the renter to criminal liability. Renters can bring their own food, and drinks and disposable utensils. We are not licensed to sell food however it can be ordered, picked up and received at the vessel for a nominal handling fee.  All vessels must be left clean and returned to the same condition as when rented. This includes emptying the toilet holding tank on vessels rented without a Captain.

Payment terms

All payments are made by Canadian bank Interac eTransfer. We do not accept any credit payments. Special payment methods can be arranged for outside Canada. Yachts must be reserved online solely from our website in Canada with a 20% deposit in Canadian dollars.  Payment of the deposit guarantees the booking and confirms agreement to all terms and conditions on this page. Failing to pay a deposit means no reservation is made regardless of preceding verbal communication, emails, on line booking request or verbal promises. Balance for the rental fee must be made at least 48 hours before boarding.  Failing to pay the balance of the rental fee on time does not grantee the yacht availability and forfeits the deposit. Yachts rented without a hired Captain require a cash payment of an $ 1000 refundable security deposit before boarding. The security deposit is returned only after the boat is hauled out and inspected for any loss of equipment or damage to the hull, the bottom or the propeller.  The cost of damage repair or loss of equipment will be deducted from the security deposit. Where the security deposit does not cover the damage, the renter shall be billed for the additional repair and/or replacement cost up to a maximum of $ 2500 above the security deposit. Within the current season, moneys paid may be carried forward to an alternate reservation date in case of yacht repair or severe weather conditions. There are no refunds except with an early booking cancellation at least 14 days before boarding.  Cancellations received less than 14 days before the scheduled rental date forfeit the deposit.  Severe weather conditions are defined as excessive precipitation with wind gusts over 22kmh.

Fuel charge conditions.

All yacht rental fees are exclusive of fuel cost.  For yachts under 30 feet: They are rented at full tank  and are to be returned at full tank. The fuel tank capacity is published for each yacht. The boat is delivered with a full tank of premium fuel at start of rental. Short fuel is replenished by the Renter in the presence of the owner, or owner representative, at the fuel station at the time of boat return.  The renter pays for the full tank replenishment with premium fuel at the station. The cost of  fuel replenishment can not be deducted from the  security deposit.   For yachts over 30 feet: Fuel is charged by rental period and must be paid online at time of booking.

Transport and launch conditions

Yachts above 30′ are delivered in the water and are therefore not subject to any transport and launch fees. Yachts under 30′ are delivered to the renter on their trailer. They are delivered by 9:00am on the rental date. They are launched once the renter completes going through the yacht inventory list, the safety check procedures, the bottom inspection for any pre-existing damage and the signing of the rental documents. The vessel is then launched within 2 hours if there are no encumbrances at the ramp. The launch and haul out fee applies to all areas. The launch time and  destination must be specified at the time of booking and 20% of the transportation and launch fees must be paid. Launch destinations are the Ottawa River at the Park Jacques Cartier ramp or the RYC at the Civil Aviation Museum ramp. For the Rideau Canal Ottawa area, delivery is at Dows Lake, Mooney’s Bay or Manotick. For the Rideau Lakes area, delivery is at Rideau Ferry, Portland or Newboro. The 1000 Islands delivery is at Brockville, Gananoque or Kingston. In Montreal delivery is to St. Anne de Bellevue. In case where the renter choses a different haul out location than the launch location,  the launch fee will apply to the farthest location and the renter would be returned to the launch location by the boat trailer tow truck. Renter must return the boat no later than 6:00pm to allow for daylight haul out and transport. Boats returned after 6:00 pm will be subject to an extra day charge.

Liability waiver condition.

Damage to other person’s boats or injuries are covered by public liability insurance, however for all persons  boarding a rented vessel they must accept this  declaration. Adults accept it for minors in their care.  “By boarding the vessel to cruise independently, or with the hired captain and crew, and disembark at the destinations I visit, I understand and accept that I am doing so completely and  unconditionally at my own risk and peril. Additionally, I accept to waive all my rights of  receiving proper conduct and cruising safety instructions from the Captain and Crew before boarding, while on board and at any destination visited. I further accept that the hired Captain and Crew and the vessel Insurance Company have no general liability towards me whatsoever and no specific liability relating to my personal Safety, my Health and my Possessions or the provision of a safe and secure vessel or for  any resulting physical or psychological loss or injury due to any reason related to this rental. Furthermore I hold the hired Captain and Private Yacht Rental owners harmless from all claims resulting from their inability to deliver my rented vessel due to maintenance and repair issues or bad weather or any other unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. I have read and understood this waiver and asked the hired Captain for all and any clarifications that I needed prior to my commitment to rent.”

Passenger limitation condition.

A person by renting  a vessel accepts this declaration “I understand that each yacht can support only a limited number of passengers as specified on each yacht description. I understand that the limitation on the number of passengers is designed for both the safety and the comfort of the passengers. I therefore promise not to exceed the number of passengers advertised. If I exceed the number of passengers allowed, the hired Captain, vessel owner or owner representative will have the right to turn some of my guests away or otherwise repossess the yacht without any liability for my rental fees. I also understand that passengers on the yacht are under my care and supervision. Except with a special waiver under the sole discretion of the hired captain, the owner or owner representative, minors and pets of any kind are not allowed on any yacht. I further understand that I shall not engage in any towing assistance to any other boat nor take on passengers of any other boat except in the case of a threat to life condition. I shall however provide assistance to boats in distress by calling 911 and VHF ch 16.”