Vessel Rent Liability Waiver


By accepting to board the vessel that I rented to cruise with or without the captain that I hired and disembark or swim at the destinations I visit, I understand and accept that I am doing so completely and unconditionally at my own risk and peril. Additionally, I accept to waive all my and my guests rights of receiving proper conduct and cruising safety instructions from the Captain before and or/while on board or at any destination we visit. I further accept that the Captain and the vessel Insurance Company have no general liability towards me and my guests whatsoever and no specific liability relating to my and my guests personal safety, health and possessions or to the provision of a safe and secure vessel and any resulting losses due to the vessels’ failure. Furthermore I hold the Captain and Private Yacht Rental harmless from all claims resulting from their inability to deliver my rented vessel due to maintenance and repair issues or bad weather or any other unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. I have read and understood this waiver and asked the Captain for all and any clarifications that I needed prior to boarding.